Open positions


MSc students (2 positions: biochemistry and physics):

Project description:

The project addresses the issue of amyloid formation and search for new techniques and materials applicable in the imaging and control of proteins aggregation. Within this project we apply gold nanoparticles as markers for near-infrared fs laser imaging and study the formation and morphology of amyloids. We investigate how one can use NLO and nanoparticles to image amyloids organization, as well as to interfere with protein aggregates formation and control the transformation of amyloids into non-toxic species. Moreover, we explore nonlinear optical properties of amyloids as a potential source of enhanced selectivity of optical imaging of amyloids. Finally, we investigate liquid crystalline properties of amyloids and self-organization in amyloids – nanoparticles systems.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

1. Basic experience in at least two of the following: biochemistry/ materials science/ physics and chemistry of nanomaterials/ optics/ spectroscopy
2. Good spoken and written English

Required documents:

1. CV (max. 2 pages)
2. Motivation letter
3. Exam scores and/or bachelor/engineer degree exam scores
4. Contact to a previous supervisor/other scientist, who may recommend the candidate

Application deadline: 03-05-2020

position starts on: 01.11.2020 (7 months)

stipend: 1500 PLN/month

The applications shall be sent to the project leader:

joanna.olesiak (at)

After the first stage several qualified candidates will be invited for an interview with experts.