Joanna Olesiak-Bańska – research


Project leader:
1. NCN Sonata Bis project (2020-2025)

2. FNP First Team projectNonlinear Optics, Nanoparticles and Amyloids (NONA) – application of nonlinear optics and gold nanoparticles to study amyloid formation” (2018-2021)

3. „Iuventus Plus” project “Nonlinear optical properties of organic materials for diagnostics and medical therapy” of Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland (MSHE) (2013 – 2015)
4. NCN Preludium project “Two-photon excited fluorescence microscopy of model DNA systems – dyes and metal nanoparticles as biolabels in DNA imaging” (2012 – 2014)

Key researcher and researcher:

„Maestro” project of NCN (2014 – 2019), „Opus” project of NCN (2014 – 2017), „Polonium” project of French Embassy in Poland (2011), „Iuventus Plus” project of MSHE (2015 – 2017), “Harmonia” project of NCN (2012 – 2014), Welcome „Organometallics in nanophotonics” project of Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) (2009 – 2012)


  • noble metal plasmonic nanoparticles and nanoclusters: synthesis, characterisation of optical properties, application in bioimaging, nanophotonics
  • multiphoton microscopy
  • nonlinear optical spectroscopy
  • self-assembly of molecules, biomolecules, nanoparticles
  • optical properties of biomolecules (amyloids)

DNA liquid crystal  Obraz14  gold nanobanana Obraz15